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About Us

L I F E   I S   F I N D I N G   T R U T H

The truth is …in the necessity of each individual.  It is what we need to satisfy our individual holistic wellness. In order to do this we must develop a healthy lifestyle.  LIFT Health provides the opportunity to utilize the truths of life to build a healthy lifestyle that involves the entire family and community. Health is a lifestyle that utilizes the truths of life that exists around and within us for optimal living through mind, body and soul! 


LIFT Health activities create and aid in the development of creating true solutions for health issues and lifestyle inadequacies for our youth and their families. We examine the human experience; habits, lifestyle, biological, and environmental issues as it relates to these inadequacies to find solutions. Life Is Full of Truth! For our communities and families we endeavor to LIFT Health!  


In aged based environments, LIFT Health creates training and opportunities for children to learn about their bodies, mind and surroundings. 


LIFT Health, Inc. offers alternatives that increase the quality of life for our prized elders. 


LIFT Health provides family training, cultural understanding, and individual enrichment introduction to life’s truths through: retreats, workshops, physical activities and healthy mind development.


LIFT Health provides fitness instruction for individuals and groups including immediate impact exercise with low impact for elders. 

Board of Directors

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Executive Director

Lena Young Green

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Executive Vice President

Gordon Fenderson

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Senior Vice President

LaShonda Hairston

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Advisory Board Member

Vanessa Oatman

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Marketing Director


We have found throughout the years that grassroots organizations are going to do the work no matter what. They don't always have access or the time to look for the resources. So we here at LIFT Health look to consolidate these efforts synergistically to create and recreate a community of healing.

Kareem B. Young, Executive Director LIFT Health Inc.

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