Organic Smoothie Bar

  • The Smoothie Bar will be located in the Community Wellness Center, which will be an activity hub with a gym, early child care, organic vegetable farm, and a counseling center.

  • Smoothies will be sold by children from the community, enabling them to obtain entrepreneurial skills and earn revenue.

  • The prime location of the bar will be ideal for providing smoothies to children during after school hours, parents, and adults participating in fitness activities.

  • Smoothies are intended to encourage clean eating and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

  • There is cross-program effectiveness between the smoothie and honey production.

Bee Farm Honey Production 

  • LIFT Health plans to cultivate and market organic honey to the surrounding community. Children from the community and volunteers from the University of South Florida will be involved in this initiative.

  • Honey produced will also be used for the LIFT Health Organic Smoothie Bar.

  • Italian bees which are docile, beneficial, and thrive in the warm Florida climate will be used.

  • The apiary will be easily accessible in a location where other LIFT Health activities, including an organic vegetable garden, are situated.

  • Excellent learning experience for the children involved.

  • Urban Apiary Projects are beneficial to the environment. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bees pollinate about 80% of flowering crops. Losing bees could affect numerous dietary staples, as well as the beef and dairy industry.






Gather Your Water bottle, Yoga Mat and The Entire Family.

Let's CHIIP Away At A Cure!!!

Community Health Initiative Improvement Program

April 8, 2017

2005 N Lamar Ave.

Tampa, Fl. 33602


Our Mission Statement

LIFT Health activities create and aid in the development of true solutions for health issues and lifestyle inadequacies for our youth and their families. We examine the human experience; habits, lifestyle, biological, and environmental issues as it relates to these inadequacies to find solutions.

Life Is Finding Truth!

For our communities and families we endeavor to LIFT Health!  

"We have found throughout the years that true grassroots organizations are going to do the work no matter what. They don't always have access or the time to look for the resources. So we here at LIFT Health look to consolidate efforts to create and recreate a community of healing."

~Kareem B. Young~

Executive Director, LIFT Health Inc.